Lock 1 Memories (2013)


Lock 1 memories is a GPS triggered soundwalk mobile application I’ve developed in 2013. It is available for Android and iOS platforms. It presents a semi-open interactive composition based on environmental sounds designed to share the author’s experience of place and trigger potential new insights on the listener about the Lagan Towpath area, around the weir near the Belfast Boat Club. This app-piece is part of a larger project called Belfast Soundwalks.

The Trouble with Harry (2013)

“Based on the true story of Eugenia Falleni, who passed as a man in early 20th century Australia, Lachlan Philpott’s play picks apart the rules of gender and sexuality that punish any transgression in a time when even being able to identify oneself as ‘trans’ or ‘lesbian’ was a long way off for most people  There is no way to know what really happened behind the closed doors of bedrooms of the past and Philpott playfully explores this ambiguity and confusion to raise questions about our own assumptions of gender.”

Further information here.

For ‘The trouble with Harry’, I worked with Felipe Hickmann, who composed some music material for the play.

Here is some of the “odd timbral and harmonic backdrops, underscoring the internal turmoil experienced by protagonist Harry/Eugenia” I composed:



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