Zin (2009-2011)

Zin is a digital instrument/interface I’ve developed between 2009 and 2011. It is Arduino based and its synthesizer is implemented in both Pure Data and Max/MSP. I had the opportunity to perform with Zin in a few occasions such as: (2011) FILE Festival – Sao Paulo/Brazil (2012) Sonorities Festival – Belfast/UK (2012) iscMME conference –…

No Chords Attached (2012)

Developed by Diogo Alvim, Eduardo Patricio, Pedro Rebelo and Rui Chaves, No Chords Attached “(…) is a site-specific piece that explores the physical, temporal and poetic strategies between two mobile remote performers and a pianist in a more conventional performance space (Chaves 2013, p. 35)”. It proposes a non-conventional performance situation combining soundwalk and instrumental…

Summer Snail (2011)

Summer Snail is a game-inspired network piece by Felipe Hickmann that brings together two remote musician groups and two remote audiences. My role: design of a dynamic graphic score system split in 3 applications, one for each group and a third one for the conductor/referee. The piece is structured as a game with the aid…


Jazz improv (flirting with electronics)  trio (2009-2011): Carlos Ramos: sax, marine trumpet, flutes / Pepê Barcellos: guitar / Eduardo Patricio: drums and laptop. Wayne Shorter’s Juju. performed at Wonka bar (Curitiba / Brazil). Fran Zappa’s tune performed at Wonka bar (Curitiba / Brazil). Special guest: Lucas Fruhauf (piano)   Instruments + algorithms playing Pepe’s Dominostinato: ostinati…

Instalações-Rituais (2010)

Documentary about Brazilian ‘blessers’ from the State of Parana (Brazil) and their shrines. The shrines are read as contemporary installations that reveal the ‘blessers’ subjectivities, symbolic attributions and ritualistic functions. Concept, direction and screenplay: Geslline Giovana Braga/ Assistant director and sound recording: Otavio Zucon/ Production, camera: Geslline Giovana Braga and Otavio Zucon/ Editing: Diogo Marques/ Original…

Discos de Cobre / Copper discs (2009 – 2010)

Live performance using M.M.S., a custom instrument I’ve designed using Pure Data and a Logitech attack3 joystick as control interface. All sounds are created from live processing and manipulation of 5 sound samples (metal discs single hits). Performed at FAT 2.0 (SESC Horto, Campo Grande, Brazil). 28 september, 2010. There’s not much to see in…

Lágrima (2010)

  Electronic arrangement / production for the song ‘Lágrima’ (‘tear’ in Portuguese) by the Brazilian duo Estrela Leminski & Téo Ruiz in 2010. It was released as an online bonus track for their album “são sons”.

Marina (2010)

Acousmatic piece composed entirely from sounds from a tromba marina(or marine trumpet) built and performed by Carlos Ramos.

WiiMA (2010)

  Live electronics project using a Wiimote + nunchuck and a custom application I’ve developed in Pure Data.

Florestinha II (2009)

  Short acousmatic piece. Inspired by an animation of flying birds on a forest.  

Há quanto tempo (Sinhá Insana, 2008)

  Pop song demo I’ve produced for Sinhá Insana band. Song, lead vocals and electric guitar by André Godinho Bass: Thiago Jachelli Backing vocals,  guitar, drums, electric piano: Eduardo Patrício