Trouble (2015)

Theatre performance/installation by Shannon Yee, produced by TheatreofplucK “(…)  that creatively brings to life the voices of queer people who lived through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s in Northern Ireland. A host of the provinces best loved actors from stage and screen give voice to the actual testimony of LGBTQ people who navigated The Troubles to live, love and build community here. This fascinating performance installation uncovers a hidden queer history that is in turn moving, defiant, funny and hard hitting”.

My role: sound designer/programmer. I was responsible for recording and editing the actor’s voices, for the music composition and for designing a local network playback system (using Max/MSP) that connected 13 machines (1 laptop controlling 12 tablets) to reproduce 12 different, but synchronized, movies and 24 independent audio channels.

Interesting review / further info.


Tuesdays at Tescos (2014)


Tuesdays at Tescos tells the story of Pauline, a loving daughter, carer and trans woman in an astonishing and vulnerable site-specific production.

Lyn Harris’ production was first performed at the MAC, Belfast in June 2014 before touring to Armagh, Cookstown and Strabane. ”

Peter Quigley acted on the streets, while the audience, isolated by glass walls, heard him through speakers. It was an interesting set-up with all the sounds being technologically mediated one way or another.

Some music I’ve composed for the show:
(Thank you, Debussy)



The Trouble with Harry (2013)

“Based on the true story of Eugenia Falleni, who passed as a man in early 20th century Australia, Lachlan Philpott’s play picks apart the rules of gender and sexuality that punish any transgression in a time when even being able to identify oneself as ‘trans’ or ‘lesbian’ was a long way off for most people  There is no way to know what really happened behind the closed doors of bedrooms of the past and Philpott playfully explores this ambiguity and confusion to raise questions about our own assumptions of gender.”

Further information here.

For ‘The trouble with Harry’, I worked with Felipe Hickmann, who composed some music material for the play.

Here is some of the “odd timbral and harmonic backdrops, underscoring the internal turmoil experienced by protagonist Harry/Eugenia” I composed:



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