Ambisonics and binaural audio for 360-degree and ‘tiny planet’ videos (2018)

360-degree video

‘Tiny planet’ video

Here we have 2 videos that share the same source material (audio and video recordings), but that had different post-processing workflows, resulting in:

  • A 360-degree video with 1st order Ambisonics audio, and
  • A ‘tiny planet’ video with binaural audio.

(Actual videos bellow)

I prepared the videos (concept, audio / video recording and editing) for ZYLIA and they were published on their YouTube channel.

The recordings were made at Barigui Park, Curitiba (Brazil). For some more details, you can check this short tutorial blog post.

Farol – movie (2018)

Farol (‘Lighthouse’) is a 23 minute-long Brazilian short drama movie written and directed by Arturo Saboia.

Selected for Cannes short film catalog (2018)

Synopsis: In a distant lighthouse, a couple in crisis can no longer find common ground. Each character has their own perception of the situation.


Director of photography Roman LECHAPELIER
Music Eduardo PATRICIO
Editing Manoel VIEIRA
Sound mixing Manoel VIEIRA
Actors Gabriela CARNEIRO DA CUNHA and Antonio SABÓIA
Producer Guarnicê Produções
(Rua São Geraldo, 42 65.065-450 Sao Luis, Brazil)

Auê series (2016-2017)

Auê* is a series of 27 2-minute long micro-documentaries. My role: sound mixer.

The movies show the diversity of children’s plays in several public schools in Curitiba-PR (Brazil). The kids host the episodes themselves, demonstrating and talking about their activities. The screenplays are based on research done by the directors Nélio Spréa (from Parabolé) and Otavio Zucon.

The episodes are being offered at no cost to more than 200 public TV channels in Brazil, and should all be eventually available on Parabole’s YouTube channel. This project was approved by ANCINE (Brazilian National Cinema Agency) and it is funded through Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual. The series will debut in February 2017.

* Auê might mean (among other things): fun/agitated activity; uproar/tumult; party.

Here are the episodes of the 1st season:

Project website:


Direction, screenplay and production
Nélio Spréa e Otavio Zucon

Photography and coloring
Lucas Rachinski

Sound recording and editing
Victor Chico

Levi Brandão

Sound mixing
Eduardo Patrício

Rubert Zilio

Executive production
Rafael Martins e Rafael Galvão

Audio decription and Closed Caption
Grupo Steno

Sign language translation
Letícia Guebur

Discos de Cobre / Copper discs (2009 – 2010)

Live performance using M.M.S., a custom instrument I’ve designed using Pure Data and a Logitech attack3 joystick as control interface.

All sounds produced from live processing and manipulation of 5 sound samples (metal discs single hits).
Performed at FAT 2.0 (SESC Horto, Campo Grande, Brazil). 28 september, 2010.

There’s not much to see in the video… that’s the GUI projected behind me.
(stereo recording, directly to hard disk, no editing)

Lágrima (2010)


Electronic arrangement / production for the song ‘Lágrima’ (‘tear’ in Portuguese) by the Brazilian duo Estrela Leminski & Téo Ruiz in 2010. It was released as an online bonus track for their album “são sons”.

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