Come Across (2012-2013)


Come Across is a soundwalk based performance. The work presents a listening focused preparation strategy that involves multiple simultaneous soundwalks, mapping, audio and video recording. Such preparation stage leads to a concert performance that re-enacts the soundwalks by drawing on map in an exercise of listening and reminiscing.
The work was developed collectively by Diogo Alvim, Eduardo Patricio and Rui Chaves (Unlikely Places ensemble).

In 2012, in 10-minute long a poster session part of Global Composition Conference in Darmstadt, Germany, we talked about Come Across’ general concept and presented a short video documentation with excerpts of a rehearsal realised in the Sonic Lab at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (Belfast).  This was a good opportunity to evaluate other people’s response to the work’s proposal and it helped us to format the version for a future performance.

In 2013, we (Unlikely Places) performed the piece during the Sonorities Festival in Belfast.

Later the same year, in Lisbon, as part of Echoes#2* programme, the Unlikely Places Ensemble realised a related four-day workshop (from 19 to 22 September).

* Echoes is a program for the city of Lisbon that aims to put together thoughts, experiences and interventions on the relationship between LISTENING and PLACE (2013).


No Chords Attached (2012)

Developed by Diogo Alvim, Eduardo Patricio, Pedro Rebelo and Rui Chaves, No Chords Attached “(…) is a site-specific piece that explores the physical, temporal and poetic strategies between two mobile remote performers and a pianist in a more conventional performance space (Chaves 2013, p. 35)”. It proposes a non-conventional performance situation combining soundwalk and instrumental music, making use of a feedback system that enables sonic relocations and superimpositions between contrasting physical spaces.


Full concert video:

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