The Rest of Your Life – Movie (2022)

Movie by Michael Pomeroy

Available on Apple TV – Here

My role: Sound post / sound design

The Rest of Your Life “is a coming-of-age story about Brian (Michael Pomeroy), a post-grad office drone in Ohio whose girlfriend Amanda (Brittany Brave) moves away for medical school, forcing him to confront and shed the bonds of his family and suburban society’s expectations, with the help of his co-worker George (Matt Hardy). “

POV: Points of View – VR Sci-fi movie (2021)

A Live Action Sci-fi Virtual Reality Series & Immersive Experience. A hyper-digital sci-fi virtual reality series immersed in a near future Los Angeles where personal data is the new currency and weaponized A.I. Police drones enforce the law. POV: Points Of View is a Sci-Fi VR Series & Installation developed to experience the systemic threat of bias in A.I, Artificial Intelligence. AI’s are machines that learn from US.

(Official website)

My role: sound design and spatial mixing (Ambisonics).


Premiere on Tribeca Festival:

Alien Shelter – VR environment – Unity 3D (2020 / 2021)

This is a quarantine-psychological-relief virtual environment I created for my personal use.

Relaxing drones everywhere and a TV set on an alien planet. That’s it!

Since I was a kid, I always liked spending time in hiding or secret places. In the past years I built a few virtual hideouts. This one was made in 2020 and it has served me well during these pandemic times.

There’s something about being immerse, surrounded by drone sounds that I just love.

Auê series (2016-2017)

Auê* is a series of 27 2-minute long micro-documentaries. My role: sound mixer.

The movies show the diversity of children’s plays in several public schools in Curitiba-PR (Brazil). The kids host the episodes themselves, demonstrating and talking about their activities. The screenplays are based on research done by the directors Nélio Spréa (from Parabolé) and Otavio Zucon.

The episodes are being offered at no cost to more than 200 public TV channels in Brazil, and should all be eventually available on Parabole’s YouTube channel. This project was approved by ANCINE (Brazilian National Cinema Agency) and it is funded through Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual. The series will debut in February 2017.

* Auê might mean (among other things): fun/agitated activity; uproar/tumult; party.

Here are the episodes of the 1st season:

Project website:


Direction, screenplay and production
Nélio Spréa e Otavio Zucon

Photography and coloring
Lucas Rachinski

Sound recording and editing
Victor Chico

Levi Brandão

Sound mixing
Eduardo Patrício

Rubert Zilio

Executive production
Rafael Martins e Rafael Galvão

Audio decription and Closed Caption
Grupo Steno

Sign language translation
Letícia Guebur

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