Rosa dos Ventos – Music album (2013-2017)

18765899_674372099437604_8186749398695468463_n-gigapixel-scale-2_00x-gigapixel-scale-2_00xClaudio Lima’s 3rd album, Rosa dos Ventos, is an interesting project that brings together regional Maranhao (Brazilian state), pop, classical and electronic music. It’s a song album, with several music personae glued up by Claudio’s beautiful and powerful voice.

A long project, following the singer’s process of composition and repertoire selection.
In 2013, I started working on the album’s initial arrangements, defining its aesthetic direction. I worked on it for almost 4 years as arranger and producer.
In May 2017, I led a group of musicians for the album premiere concert, playing MIDI guitar, drums, pandeiro and synths.

The album is available on Deezer, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also listen to the full release on Soundcloud: